Links to Other Sites

The purpose of this page is to list links that our members may find useful and interesting.

If there is anything you would like to see let Neil Robb know.

Our first link is from Bruce Nowak. – This links to the National Sailing Hall of Fame and was found by Bruce Nowak. Even if you are not a racing sailor there are many videos and stories here. Take a look at their Film Library and Club Stories. The purpose of this site is to promote the sport of sailing by providing Michigan-specific sailing news, lakes, events, associations, and conditions. This is the website that concentrates on activities, people, and the history of Clark Lake. Check out the web cam(s) for real time video. You can also find info on all Clark Lake events here. A visitor looking for knot tying instruction for her scout troop suggested this link. It was very helpful. This link was suggested by student who is home schooled and thought it could help folks on our site. Here is his parents home school site.