What’s New

This is a list of each update to the web site. The purpose is to save you time when trying to find what is new. Check here often to see what has been added and updated.

25 Dev 20 – The calendar for 2021 is now up to date with all the events. Detail will be added as we get closer the each event.

24 Dec 20 – Ann O’Harris is our new Club House Rental Manager. (Not House Chairman). All house rental documents can be found Rental docs..

17 Oct 20 – The new Board of Directors has been posted and can be found in the About Us menu.

4 Sept 20 – Race chairman Dan Hockenberry has posted the 2020 Race Results.

18 Aug 20 – Jenna Chmielewski sends an invitation to the 2020 Labor Day Picnic.

– Harry Sabourin has published the August Newsletter. He mentions the Sign Up Genius done by Anne O’Harris but forgot to let us know that Anne also put the link on events on the club calendar. Just click on an event.

15 Aug 20 – House chairman, Rich O’Boyle, has updated the house renters calendar.

11 Aug 20 – The fall regatta has been cancelled. No telling what the restrictions will be in late September. The food logistics, among other things, would be difficult if not impossible.

26 July 20 – Meet at the Beach flyer is now posted. It will be interesting to try this.

11 July 20 – The Commodore has posted the July newsletter. Make sure to check the updates to the social activities.

8 July 20 – The renters calendar has been updated. Check it out.

6 July 20 – The dock chart has been updated. Thanks, Tim, for keeping us current.

4 July 20 – Rich O’Boyle has updated the renters calendar. Check it out for any open dates that might interest you.

16 Jun 20 – The 2020 race committee assignments are now posted.

10 Jun 20 – The June newsletter is now posted. Lots of info on how the club is opening up for the summer and other important news.

8 Jun 20 – After the Board meeting tonight, the club calendar has been updated. The Board will wait until the next meeting on July 6th before making any more changes.

8 Jun 20 – Cheryl Fichtner passed away on Friday June 5th. She served as social director for many years and she will be missed.

5 Jun 20 – Craig Hamilton has started with preliminary Learn to Sail information.

21 May 20 – Tim has assigned new members Randi & Kevin Smallwood to the west dock.

14 May 20 – Tim has updated the dock chart again. Thanks for keeping us current

5 May 20 – The latest newsletter from our commodore is now ready. Lots of info about the virus plans.

25 Apr 20 – Tim Sprung has published the  2020 dock chart.

5 Apr 20 – Richard has updated the renters calendar. Hopefully, this will not have to be revised because of the virus.

20 Mar 20 – Harry has published the March newsletter. Please check for items that will be rescheduled because of the virus.

10 Mar 20 – Richard O’Boyle has posted the 2020 house renters calendar. Check it out and look at the good open dates that are still available.

26 Jan 20 – Our new commodore, Harry Sabourin, has published the first newsletter for 2020. It includes the “Sailing Is A Gift” poem by Craig Hamilton.

24 Jan 20 – Craig Hamilton wrote this poem about sailing. Thank you very much Craig.

16 Dec 19 – A new video showing the Club in winter with fresh ice in Clark Lake has been posted.

11 Dec 19 – The 2020 clubhouse reservation forms are now available. Read the instructions carefully. Requests cannot be received before December 31st.

2 Dec 19 – The 2020 calendar now has the events for most dates posted. There is a lot of detail to be added. Learn to sail is still being developed. Members will be notified when ready.

13 Oct 19 – New Officers and Directors were elected at the Commodore’s Batten party. See who they are at the Board Members page.

4 Oct 19 – Bruce Nowak has completed scoring the 2019 race results. There are also a few tickets left for the Harvest Moon Party.

24 Sept 19 – The fall regatta was enjoyed by sailors in 29 boats. Day one review by Rich Belcher of Clark Lake Spirit. He also did the results in photos.

12 Sept 19 – Commodore Mike Britz has issued his last newletter. Lots of good info. Mike also invites all club members to a Batten Down the Season party at The Pointe on Oct 12th. This is the last party of the season.

9 Sept 19 – The Commodore’s “Batten Down the Season” party has been moved to Oct 12, 2019. Mark your calendars.

26 Aug 19 – Don’t miss the Labor Day Party. This year with great live music

17 Aug 19 – Rebel Fleet 2 is hosting a Monkey Ward Potluck. This is free to all members. Bring your kids. It originated in a party that the Rebel fleet held every year to award the “Monkey Ward” trophy. Time is after the membership meeting that starts at 1:00 PM on Saturday Aug 24th.

9 Aug 19 – Here is the invitation to the CLYC Fall Regatta.

5 Aug 19 – New club video posted on the web page. Just for fun.

2 Aug 19 – The Renters Schedule has been updated. Look at the open time to see if something works for you.

22 July 19 – The July newsletter is now posted. Take a look at upcoming dates for club activities. See you at the Club.

17 July 19 – Clint White has posted the flyer for the Kids Fun Day. Some may want to do the Kids Triathlon and stay for the Fun Day.

21 Jun 19 – Amy Locke has organized a Tie-Dye Party. Click to see the details and make a reservation.

18 Jun 10 – Rich has updated the Renters Schedule for the club house. There are still some dates open. Check out the schedule to see if something appeals to you.

15 Jun 19 – Commodore Mike Britz has posted his June newsletter. Check out the list of events and the new member referral program. Several members will also bring their radio controlled sailboats to show during the Thursday might BBQs.

4 Jun 19 – John G is getting ready for the 4th of July picnic. Put it on your calendar.

1 Jun 19 – Tim Sprung has updated the dock chart. Special thanks to Tim for his work on getting the docks in good shape.

31 May 19 – House chairman, Richard O’Boyle, has updated the Renters Calendar. There are still many open dates. Check it out for a stay at the Club.

23 May 19 – The dock chart for this year is up to date.

18 May 19 – Check out the Commodore’s May newsletter. Information about the spring meeting.

Cinco de Mayo – Here is the Memorial day flyer. Remember that guests are always welcome.

29 Apr 19 – We completed the schedule for the race committee and support boat for this summer. Mark your calendars and we will see you this summer.

25 Apr 19 – Social Chairman, Cheryl Fichtner, has complete the 2019 committee chart. Find where you are and mark your calendar.

18 Apr 19 – Check out the new “Learn2Sail” menu item to see what the classes will cover. Craig Hamilton has done a great job of putting this together.

10 Apr 19 – Our Commodore Mike has posted the April News Letter with lots of upcoming dates to put on your calendar and a new member welcome.

4 Apr 19 – Our House Chairman, Richard O’Boyle, has published the first Renters Calendar for this year. There are still open dates if you are interested.

22 Mar 19 – This years Learn2Sail Classes have been rescheduled. Check out the flyer for more detail.

16 Mar 19 – Mike Britz has sent his March newsletter. Lots of info on upcoming events.

10 Mar 19 – The Yacht Club is sponsoring a Boating Safety class. The Jackson County sheriff does for free to the public.

23 Feb 19 – The flyer with the new 2019 Learn to Sail program is ready. You can sign up now.

15 Feb 19 – Commodore Mike Britz has sent his first newsletter of 2019. Think spring.

18 Dec 18 – The clubhouse reservation forms for 2019 are now available on the website. Thanks Richard.

17 Dec 18 – Our new Commodore, Mike Britz, has posted his first newsletter.

8 Nov 18 – Our new Board Members are now elected and have taken chairmanship positions. We owe these folks thanks for taking on these responsibilities to keep our club running smoothly.

16 Oct 18 – 2018 race results are now complete. Congratulations to Steve Cummings our 2018 winner.

3 Oct 18 – Uncle Al has completed his results of the fall regatta. Thanks Al.

28 Sept 18 – Here are the results of the fall regatta. Rick Belcher does the Clark Lake Spirit site and did a professional short video of this event. Enjoy.

20 Aug 18 – Here is the flyer for the Labor Day Party. Always a nice time.

5 Aug 18 – Our Commodore has posted his August Newsletter.

1 Aug 18 – Mike Britz has updated the Support and Committee Boat schedule and Rich O’Boyle has updated the Renters Calendar.

10 July 18 – Please join the Tanis family for a celebration of Nick’s life.

7 July 18 – The Club is doing a Fun Day in conjunction with the Kids Triathlon on July 28th. Come join the fun.

29 June 18 – Our Commodore has posted the June Newsletter.

13 June 18 – Mike Britz (517-420-4230), our race chairman, can use help on the support boat on July 22nd, Aug 4th and Sept 1st. No experience needed. This is an enjoyable afternoon on the water using the Club support boat and a great place to watch the sail boat races. The Clubhouse calendar has also been update by Rich O’Boyle.

9 June 18 – The Learn to Sail flyer is now ready for 2018.

5 June 18 – There are updates to both the Party Committee assignments and the Race and Support Boat Schedule. Please double check to see if you are effected.

2 June – The flyer for the June brunch is now posted. It is always a great outing. Sign up now.

29 May 18 – There are updates posted for the Dock Chart, the Race and Support Boat Schedule and the Social Committees. We still need a Chair for the Aug 12th Brunch. Contact Cheryl Fichtner at 248-515-7912.

17 May 18 – The flyer for our traditional Memorial Day Potluck is now posted. Hope to see you there.

12 May 18 – A working copy of this years dock and kayak chart is on line. Note that we need to build additional kayak racks this summer. For changes or corrections contact Bruce Nowak.

7 May 18 – John Gee has posted the flyer for the Independence Day Picnic.

27 Apr 18 – The Party Committees are now posted. Check out your party assignment. Also there are many Chairman openings.

26 Apr 18 – We have two openings on the Board. One is Yard and Grounds and the other is Sailing Safety. If you are interested and would like more detail, contact Larry Lewis.

11 Mar 18 – Dock building rescheduled to Sat April 21st at 10 AM.

10 Mar 18 – Update on dock building from Bruce.

Dock Party Saturday April 14th 9:30 am. Need hammers, pry bars, drills and skill saws. Will be ripping 6 ft. dock into 3 ft. finger docks. Work can be done in shifts, so if you want to start late Call 517 784 3348 to leave a message. I’ll call you back. Rain date Sunday April 15th Noon or Work Party April 21st.

29 Mar 18 – The calendar is updated to the new work party dates (Apr 21/22) and the new dock building date (Apr 14).

26 Mar 18 – Rich has updated the house reservation calendar. There are still some good open dates.

20 Mar 18 – Added video of the Club this spring.

16 Mar 18 – House chairman Rich OBoyle has posted the house reservation calendar. Check out the open dates and let Rich know if you are interested.

12 Mar 18 – We welcome Frank Hones back on the Board in charge of Yard & Grounds.

19 Feb 18 – Commodore Lewis has posted his February newsletter. Also check out the winter video on our FaceBook page.

28 Dec 17 – The clubhouse reservation procedure and forms are now posted. Remember, requests must be postmarked between Jan 1st and Jan 15th. House chairman, Rich O’Boyle, has sent a clubhouse renters calendar that is also on the website.

16 Dec 17 – Our new Commodore, Larry Lewis, has sent us the December letter. You can view the aerial photos that Larry refers to with this link to the Clark Lake Spirit site.

19 Sept 17 – Commodore Fritz Marin has posted his September newsletter.

6 Sept 17 – This very important letter is about the schedule for taking lifts out, docks out, and winter storage of boats.

30 Aug 17 – Kurt Rudolph’s email address is incorrect on the flyer. It should be rudolphk@umich.edu. The u in front of mich was missing.

26 Aug 17 – The flyer for the Labor Day Picnic is now available.

15 Aug 17 – The club house reservation calendar has been updated. The August edition of the Commodores Newletter is available.

1 Aug 17 – The invitation for the August 13th brunch in ready. You can’t beat the price.

19 July 17 – The Learn to Sail schedule has been updated to accommodate more students.

15 July 17 – The flyer for the July 22nd cocktail party is posted.

20 June 17 – Please welcome Paula Feldstein to our Board of Directors. She is director of Sailing, Boating and Safety.

16 June 17 – The June  Commodore’s newsletter is now available.

14 July 17 – Check out the 4th of July Picnic flyer.

2 June 17 – The June Brunch flyer is posted. This is always a nice time.

19 May 17 – The Memorial Day Potluck flyer is posted.

12 May – Commodore Fritz has sent his May newsletter.

10 May 17 – The committee boat and support boat schedule for running the races is posted. Please check it and if there is a conflict. let Larry Lewis know. He can fix the issue. Also, Cheryl has started listing the 2017 party committees.

15 Apr 17 – Our Commodore has sent his April newsletter.

17 Mar 17 – Details of the dock building party have been posted on the club calendar. Click on the event to see additional information.

16 Mar 17 – Rich O’Boyle has updated the renters schedule. Double check and let Rich know of any changes.

9 Mar 17 – Commodore Fritz has sent us his March newsletter. Please note the dates for dock building and the spring work party. The flyer for the CLYC  Invitational is now online.

7 Mar 17 – Rich O’Boyle, our new house chairman, has posted the renters schedule for this summer. Renters are using a different schedule this year. Take a look here to see how the rooms are reserved now.

8 Feb 17 – Although things are slow in the winter, Commodore Fritz has sent us the first newsletter of 2017.

19 Dec 16 – Our new commodore, Fritz Marin, has posted the last newsletter for 2016. Fritz reviews progress in 2016 and plans for 2017.

27 Nov 16 – Reorganized the site by moving PHOTOS to the RACE RESULTS page. We added a menu item for CLUB STORE. A page showing items with the new club logo is being developed and will be add under this menu item.

12 Oct 16 – New board members were elected at the Commodores Ball. The new board is posted on the website.

9 Oct 16 – Nick Tanis, now “Past Commodore” sends his last newsletter. Thanks to Nick for his service on the board and to the club.

29 Sept 16 – Uncle Al (Schonborn) has put the fall regatta results together with a great job on all the photos.

13 Sept 16 – The September Commodores news letter is posted.

10 Sept 16 – The Summer Series is in the books and Fritz has posted the final results. A special thanks to Fritz for his keeping the score sheets current all summer and running many extra races.

3 Sept 16 – Check out Cheryl’s Special Sale. Now through the fall work party.

23 Aug 16 – The Labor Day picnic will be a great way to finish the summer social events.

27 July 16 – The Commodores July newsletter is now posted and the photo that he mentions of the canvas painting party has been added to the slide show.

14 July 16 – Get ready for the July cocktail party.

23 Jun 16 – Fritz has posted the latest race results. Check back weekly for up to date results.

21 Jun 16 – Check out the Painting Event at the Club. It is open to everyone interested.

15 June 16 – John Gee and Susan Smith have posted the July 4th picnic invitation. This is always one of the best parties at the club. See you there.

10 Jun 16 – Commodore Nick Tanis has sent his June newsletter. John Lowry traveled to France with his college sailing team.

1 Jun 16 – The flyer for the June brunch has been posted under information for members. These brunches have always been popular, so be sure to sign up.

16 May 16 – The invitation for the Memorial Day Party is available on the website. You should also get one in the mail.

14 May 16 – The commodore has posted his May newsletter. Party committee assignments are also current for this summer.

28 Apr 16 – The schedule for race committee and support boat for this summer is now posted under Information for Members. If you trade dates with someone, remember to let the race chairman, Fritz Marin, know. Also, the Clark Lake Spirit group has cancelled the Hobie 58 regatta for this summer. The calendar has been changed accordingly.

15 Apr 16 – The April issue of the Commodore’s newsletter is here. Also check out the new CLYC logo on the letter head.

11 Mar 16 – Our Commodore has posted his March newsletter.

9 Mar 16 – Mark Childs has changed jobs and can no longer serve on the Board. We welcome Tony Winnie back on the board as chairman of grounds and waterfront.

8 Mar 16 – Thanks to Harry Sabourin for bringing us up to 2012 with Commodores Photos.

7 Mar 16 – The Board revised the position of New Member Advocate to a permanent position to eliminate the revolving chairman (was the Past Commodore). This adds consistency to help new members who have just joined the Club.

1 Mar 16 – Updated the menu items under Community Events. Check out the items to see what we are doing for the Clark Lake community.

28 Feb 16 – The renter/caretaker schedule and been update. Revisions to the home page reflect our ability and desire to accept new members.

10 Feb 16 – Your Commodore has posted the February newsletter.

27 Jan 16 – House chairman, Kurt Rudolph, posted the 2016 renter and caretaker schedule. There are some open dates. Check it out.

26 Jan 16 – The slide show photos and the “Whats New” pane on the home page have been updated. We are trying to be more inviting to potential new members.

13 Dec 15 – The club calendar for 2016 is now online. The dates are firm and we will be adding detail as we get closer the the events.

10 Dec 15 –  House chairman, Kurt Rudolph, has posted the room reservation procedure of the summer of 2016. Remember to get your request in right after the first of the year. Also note the change in rent for 2016.

20 Nov 15 – Your new Commodore, Nick Tanis, has posted his first newsletter. He is starting a conversation concerning the need for increased revenue for the Club.

22 Oct 15 – Your new Officers and Directors for 2016 are listed in the Contact Us menu. Many thanks to the out going staff for all they have done for the Club.

17 Oct 15 – There is a revised membership application under the about us menu.

9 Oct 15 – The Commodore has sent his last newsletter.

3 Sept 15 – Final race results for the Summer Series are ready.

24 Aug 15 – The Labor Day Party flyer is now posted.

15 Aug 15 – The Commodores August newsletter is available.

31 July 15 – Race results for the summer series are now being posted.

30 July 15 – The flyer for the August 9th brunch is now available.

14 July 15 – Check out the flyer for the July Cocktail Party.

6 Jul 15 – Spring Series final results are now posted.

25 Jun 15 – Posted updates to the Renter/Caretaker schedule and the latest race results.

16 Jun 15 – John Gee and Sue Smith are inviting you to the July 4th picnic. They have a great committee and this is always one of the highlights of our social events.

15 Jun 15 – Here is the latest update of the renter caretaker schedule.

14 Jun 15 – The party committee assignments have been update for the fall regatta. Check to see what party you get to do.

7 Jun 15 – The spring race series is now underway. See results to date here.

28 May 15 – The raft and support boat schedule has been updated. If you change with other people, please let the Race Committee know. That is Nick Tanis.

27 May 15 – Cheryl has the Social Calendar completed.

14 May 15 – The flyer for the Memorial Day Potluck has been mailed and posted on the website.

6 May 15 – The May newsletter is now posted.

4 May 15 – The Calendar and the Dock Chart have been updated. There are revised dates for the Lift Party.

23 Apr 15 – Commodore Frank Hones has posted the April Newsletter. Race chairman Nick Tanis has the race and support boat staffing chart completed for this summer. The calendar has been updated to list the Memorial day Picnic committee.

14 Apr 15 – Our dock chairman, Fritz Marin, has the dock assignment chart for summer of 2015 ready on the website.

7 Apr 15 – The flyer for the Learn to Sail program has been updated for 2015. Let your friends know that the Yacht Club runs this program that is open to the public. The new dates have been added to the calendar.

6 Apr 15 – The CLYC fall regatta invitation is now available.

31 Mar 15 – Updated the calendar with details on the dock building party on April 4th at 9 AM.

19 Mar 15 – The March newsletter is now available. Check out the dates for getting the place ready this spring.

26 Feb 15 – The lift party has been rescheduled for May 3rd. Check the calendar for updates.

12 Feb 15 – Commodore Frank Hones posted the February newsletter. Enjoy.

26 Jan 15 – Kurt has completed the renter/caretaker schedule for this summer.

17 Dec 14 – Kurt has posted the Room Reservation procedure for the summer of 2015.

13 Dec 14 – The Club calendar now lists all the activities for 2015. Details will be added as the event plans are developed.

19 Nov 14 – Our new Commodore, Frank Hones, has posted his first newsletter.

3 Nov 14 – The new Board is shown on the Contacts page. Thanks to all the Board members for their service this past year. Many of these members have served for a number of years. We appreciate their service.

2 Nov 14 – Added photo of the Lowry’s to the front page. They are 2014 Members of the Year. Congratulations.

14 Oct 14 – Here is Commodore Terry’s last newsletter. Enjoy.

29 Sept 14 – Commodore Terry has sent his September newsletter.

23 Sept 14 – Results of the fall regatta are posted.

5 Sept 14 – Frank Hones has posted the final standings for the Summer Race Series.

25 Aug 14 – We made up another race last weekend and are now within two of a full series (16). It was good to see six Rebels, four Lasers, and three Sunfish racing. Lots of sails on the lake. Thanks again to all our race committees. The Commodore has also posted his August newsletter.

18 Aug 14 – Summer Series race results have been updated. The flyer for the Labor Day Picnic is also available.

12 Aug 14 – Updated the Invitational Flyer to include Hobies. The Summer Series race results are now current.

30 July 14 – Added new photos to the front page and deleted the Site Map until it is completed. We have started posting the race results for the Summer Series.

25 July 14 – The Commodore has sent his July newsletter.

24 July 14 – Information for the Kids Triathlon is now available.

14 July 14 – The flyer for the July Cocktail Party is now posted.

7 July 14 – Welcome to Larry Lewis as the new raft, marks and support boat chairman. Thanks to Tony Winnie for his years of service keeping our boats and racing equipment operating reliably. Tony has retired from the Board and Larry is our new Board member.

7 July 14 – Final standings for the 2014 spring race series are posted.

24 June 14 – The Commodore’s June newsletter is now available.

22 June 14 – An unexpected cancellation now opens up the week of July 19th and the week of July 26th for renting. Call Kurt if interested.

16 June 14 – The July 4th Picnic Flyer is now available. Race results continue to be posted each week.

5 June 14 – The June Brunch flyer is posted. Race results are now updated each week.

26 May 14 – The Party Committees are now complete. Check out where you get to party. We need a chair for the August brunch.

20 May 14 – The Spring Series Race results have been posted.
15 May 14 – Commodore Terry has posted his May Newsletter.

9 May 14 – The list of party committee’s has been started. Cheryl is working on completing it so check back open.

6 May 14 – The dock assignments have been updated.

5 May 14 – The Race Committee and Support Boat Schedule has been updated.

25 Apr 14 – The boat docking assignments for 2014 are now posted under Information For Members.

14 Apr 14 – The summer activities are coming together. The Race Committee and Support Boat schedule is complete and now on-line.

8 Apr 14 – The Renter/Caretaker Schedule was updated today. There are still some open dates if you are interested.

7 Apr 14 – The CALENDAR has been updated with detail on the Spring Work Party, Lift In dates,  Learn to Sail and Dock Building.

23 Mar 14 – Updated the CALENDAR and the COMMUNITY EVENTS menu to show the correct dates for the Learn to Sail program.

20 Mar 14 – The calendar was changed to delay Dock Building to a later date and detail was added to the Spring Work Party. The Commodore has also posted the March newsletter.

16 Mar 14 – We made updates to the calendar with information on the Hobie Fleet 58 homecoming. It is also shown under Community Events.

5 Mar 14 – Kurt Rudolph has posted the latest revision to the Renter/Caretaker Schedule. Take a quick look and see if any open dates look good to you.

15 Feb 14 – Terry Klaasen has sent the February newsletter. You know there is not much news when he talks my hip.

9 Feb 14 – The calendar has been completely revised. The old list is gone and it actually now looks like a calendar. We will be adding detail to the events over the next few months. Let me know what you think.  Suggestions are always welcome. Neil

5 Feb 14 – The Club Calendar for 2014 is updated to revise dates for the Open Series. The Renter/Caretaker Schedule is filling up quickly.

24 Jan 14 – The Renter/Caretaker Schedule for 2014 is now posted. There are several great weeks open for both renters and caretakers. Check out the schedule and contact Kurt Rudolph (517-796-9492) if anything looks interesting.

11 Nov 11 – Our new Board for 2012 is now listed on the Contacts page.